Virginia Man in ‘Camp Auschwitz’ Shirt Arrested in Connection With Riot in US Capitol

Robert Keith Packer
Robert Keith Packer
Photo: Western Tidewater Regional Jail

Another day, another angry and delusional white person arrested in connection with the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. This time it’s the man many of you have seen pictured wearing a shirt that reads “Camp Auschwitz.” That’s right, the guy who literally said, “look, I’m a Nazi” with his chest (or rather, on his chest) was arrested in Virginia on Wednesday, making him the latest in a list of dumbasses who apparently didn’t think posing for a photoshoot while engaging in a government overthrow would result in them being locked up.


NBC News reports that Robert Keith Packer, 56, was booked into the Western Tidewater Regional Jail by the U.S. Marshals Service Wednesday morning.

From NBC:

During an initial appearance, Packer was told he was charged with two federal offenses: Entering or remaining in a restricted building and violent entry or disorderly conduct while on capitol grounds.

He was not asked to enter a plea before a federal judge in Norfolk, who said Packer would be released without bail. He was ordered to stay out of Washington, D.C., for anything but his case.

His next court date was set for Tuesday afternoon. Packer did not speak other than acknowledging his name and agreeing to the terms of his release.

Released. Without. Bail.

Listen: I’m really not in the mood to launch into a whole “America has two justice systems” rant. We all know that song by heart, and America typically closes its ears when we sing it, so fuck all that for the purposes of this story.


I do have a question, though: When did so many fake Vikings decide they want to be American terrorists?

I mean first, you have Jake “Q Shaman” Angeli—the guy you’ve all seen pictured wearing a fur hat with horns on it, looking like he’s either trying to hunt wildebeests in camouflage or plunder a 10th-century Scandinavian castle (I don’t know anything about Viking history, but that sounds right)—and now you have Packer, who looks like the Norse god of beards that probably has COVID.


And then there’s the “Camp Auschwitz” shirt. For non-history buffs like myself, Auschwitz was a notorious concentration camp run by Nazis during the Holocaust and World War II. The shirt also included the words “Work Brings Freedom,” which was an “apparent homage to the German phrase ‘Arbeit macht frei’ which was emblazoned at the gates of Auschwitz and other death camps,” according to NBC.

Oh, Packer...that kind of bigotry will never get you into Valhalla.

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kidelo (i have a tiktok)

Hey — a buddy of mine was instrumental in identifying and locating this Neanderthal! I am so proud of him!

He was so offended by the man’s shirt, he wanted to light. him. up. So he cracked his knuckles and set down at his computer last week and found him!