UFC fighter Jacob Volkmann

Fresh from our "Are you kidding?" files, UFC fighter Jacob "Christmas" Volkmann called out President Obama after defeating Antonio McKee at UFC 125. During an interview with Fanhouse's Ariel Helwani, the fighter named Obama as the person he would like to fight next in the lightweight division. BVX reports that Volkmann said, "He's not too bright," regarding President Obama's health care plan. "Someone has to knock some sense into that idiot."

Subsequently, the Secret Service paid Volkmann a visit at the Minnesota High School where Volkmann coaches wrestling to determine if Volkmann was wolfing or actually planned to harm the president. Volkmann admitted that he couldn't afford a plane ticket to fly to Washington, and that the Secret Service agent said he was embarrassed about having to follow up on Volkmann's perceived threat.

We think Volkmann ought to be embarrassed. Challenging the president on national television will probably get you in trouble. To call out the president who is not a fighter is just silly. Having to send the Secret Service to check out this dimwit is even sillier.

Read more at BVX.com. Check out video of Volkmann's challenge below:

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