Video Shows New Jersey Transit Police Dragging and Beating Defenseless Man

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A cellphone video showing a New Jersey Transit Police officer hitting and dragging a man outside of a Trenton train station is the subject of a new internal investigation, according to ABC affiliate WPVI in Philadelphia.


The woman who shot the video, who has requested anonymity, said she witnessed the incident around 10:30 Saturday night.

“I don’t know if anything occurred. I’m not speculating that anything did. I can only attest to what I saw,” the woman said, “and what I saw wasn’t warranted.”


The woman, who said she was waiting to be picked up at the Trenton Transit Center, noticed a commotion when she began filming. The transit officer can be seen dragging a seemingly semiconscious man, yelling “get up and get out” and throwing the unidentified victim to the ground.

Afterward, the victim can be seen lying still on the sidewalk for a few seconds before the officer drags, hits, and curses at him again.

“There was no resisting,” said the woman. “He wasn’t even speaking.”

The woman told WPVI that she noticed the man sitting against a wall as she walked out of the station. Her phone died as she was recording the incident, though she said the beating continued for a few minutes.


“Probably another five minutes. Dragging him on the cement and dragging his face in the ground,” said the woman, who described herself as an avid supporter of police, according to the the ABC affiliate.

New Jersey Transit Police released a statement on Monday, saying the incident was “currently under investigation” with the department’s Internal Affairs office.


The officer in the video has been placed on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.

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