Sometimes, dancing for a good cause just isn't enough. Such is the case with Los Angeles Lakers star Ron Artest, who signed on to perform on this season of Dancing With the Stars because his 4-year-old daughter, Diamond, asked him to do it. Diamond battled and survived cancer, so Artest said that if she could do that, then he could go on DWTS.

Artest was partnered with newcomer Peta Murgatroyd in what is a pretty indescribable cha-cha. Translation: You've gotta see it. Kudos to "Metta World Peace" for doing his best to make his daughter's dream come true. Kudos to the fans for sparing viewers from having to watch Artest suffer through the rest of the season by making him the first to go.

In other news: Obama to Address Palestinian-Statehood Resolution.

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