VIDEO: Romney Gets Testy at Town Hall

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GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney got into a heated exchange with a voter at a New Hampshire town hall event Wednesday in a discussion over his support for a balanced budget amendment:

Romney aggressively interrupts the woman's calm, if rambling, question by asking her, "Did somebody in the room say that we don't need any government?"


When she tries to engage his question, calling the balanced budget amendment "irresponsible," he interrupts her again, abruptly asking, "Do you have a question, and let me answer your question."

"Yes, how do you think the government can not provide funds for the people, its citizens?"


Romney begins to answer the question, and from there, you can't hear what the woman is saying, but Romney reacts angrily to her attempts to follow up, saying, "You had your turn madam, now let me have mine!"

Source: Mediaite.

Romney might take a lesson from the president in how to keep his cool. Responding to his own aggressive questioner recently, Obama is quoted as saying, "As someone who's been called a socialist, not born here, taking away freedoms for providing health care, I'm all for lowering the rhetoric."

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