Defensive end Ray McDonald of the San Francisco 49ers in 2014
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Video of incident involving former Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Ray McDonald that led to domestic violence charges has been released by TMZ Sports.

According to the sports site, the video was recorded May 25 and ended with McDonald being charged. While the video does not show McDonald's face, a woman, reported to be the mother of McDonald's son, can be heard calling the man Ray and stating that she is holding the couple's then 2-year-old son.


The video begins with McDonald asking the woman if he's being recorded. The woman, who appears to be crying, tells McDonald that she was sleeping when he arrived and that she just wants to leave. There is a tense standoff involving McDonald, the woman and the man who TMZ Sports notes is McDonald's driver. The man can be heard trying to encourage McDonald to leave. At one point the man pleads, "Let's go and let her get her stuff and then we can come back."

McDonald tells the man to get off of him. The woman is standing behind a table while McDonald stands on the other side, not allowing her to leave. Toward the end of the video, the woman can be heard screaming loudly and running. She locks herself in a bathroom and the video ends.


Police were involved in two prior domestic violence incidents involving McDonald, who was then with the 49ers, in 2014, NBC Sports reports. McDonald was eventually released by the 49ers after being named in a sexual assault case. Despite his two prior domestic violence incidents and a pending charge of sexual assault, the Bears signed McDonald in March of 2015. The Bears would cut McDonald after the videoed incident and arrest in May. McDonald was arrested just two days later for violating a restraining order.

TMZ Sports reports that a grand jury viewed the video and decided not to indict McDonald, and charges against him were dropped.


"It's one of the most horrific videos I've seen and heard in my 46 years of practicing law, " the woman's attorney, Robin Yeamans, told TMZ Sports.

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