Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is simply seeking respect when he demands that referees make better calls after he absorbs hits during games, Jemele Hill says in commentary on ESPN's Parting Shot.

The unofficial rule in the NBA is that stars get calls. The league does not like that perception, but anybody who watches the game knows there is some validity to it. But for some reason it's been difficult for people to accept that things also work that way in the NFL.

Michael Vick was labeled a whiner for pointing out he doesn't receive the same calls as some of his quarterbacking peers … But Vick is hit more than most quarterbacks, and that still doesn't refute his complaint. After Tom Brady lost his 2008 season to a knee injury, the NFL immediately changed the rule to prevent defenders from diving at the quarterback's legs. The rule benefits all quarterbacks. But the fact that the league acted after one of its most marketable stars was hurt showed favoritism. Defensive players surely think twice when in Brady's space. So he gets hit less. It's not the hits that bother Michael Vick, just the lack of respect.

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