Juan Williams (Fox News)

In an appearance yesterday on The Five on Fox News, Juan Williams chastised Princeton professor Cornel West and broadcaster Tavis Smiley for their recent attacks on GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain, saying that they are threatened by his success.

The charge came days after Cain's comments that he did not "believe there is racism in the country today that holds anybody back in a big way." The remarks resonated across the airwaves and around cyberspace, prompting the duo to make stops on the cable news circuit.


Williams agreed with The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld that West and Smiley disagree with Cain because he does not feel the need to focus the rest of his life on race. "Right on, brother," Williams said to Gutfeld. "And I'll tell you why I say 'right on.' Because West, Tavis Smiley, those guys are threatened by the success of Herman Cain. And I think that they feel that anybody who doesn't buy into all the racism charges that they're constantly — you know, in their world, President Obama doesn't exist. You know, these are the same people who criticize Obama for not being sufficient. So imagine the way they feel … When Herman Cain says that he can win a third of the black vote, that blows them out." Williams added that they also believe he's a token to the Tea Party.

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