Video: Brawl Breaks Out After 2 Women Reportedly Tried to Turn Spirit Airlines Flight Into Soul Plane

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Cellphone video captured a brawl among five women on a cross-country Spirit Airlines flight after two women broke out a boom box and tried to get the plane rocking.
NBC News screenshot

Two passengers who "appeared to be intoxicated" aboard a cross-country Spirit Airlines fight took out a boom box and began playing music loudly, according to a Spirit Airlines statement. When passengers asked the women to lower the music, an all-out brawl broke out.

According to NBC News, the incident took place on the Baltimore-to-Los Angeles flight when the women playing the loud music reportedly told annoyed passengers that they weren't turning the music down and then asked them, "What are you going to do?" while waving their boom box in the air, the airline told NBC News.


No one made a move during the flight, but once the plane landed, a brawl involving five women erupted in the aisle. In cellphone video captured by other passengers, fists can be seen flying and hair is pulled.

"They were throwing serious punches. The ladies—they were serious," Emerson Silva, one of the witnesses, told the Today show.

NBC News notes that airport police were called and removed all five women involved, but no arrests were made.

 Read more at NBC News and Today.

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