Veteran Denied Chili’s Discount Moves Out of Home Because of Threats

Ernest Walker
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Ernest Walker has moved his family out of their Ovilla, Texas, home because of racially charged threats he's reportedly received, according to WFAA-TV.

This is reportedly not the first time the U.S. Army veteran was disrespected. He received an apology from Chili's restaurant after getting denied a free meal on Veteran's Day.


According to WFAA, Walker says that ever since he decided to speak out about the treatment he received at Chili's, he and his family have been targets of anonymous threats.

"We’ve received phone calls, and it’s always a restricted line,” Walker explained. “People are saying, ‘Hey, we know where you live.’"

The threats that Walker and his family have been receiving have reportedly been arriving through phone calls, mail and online.

After a Dallas media agency published his address, Walker and his wife decided to move out of their home.


"We had to protect ourselves," Walker said. "So we had to leave. We had to take our dog away from the house because there was threats against our dog."

Walker and his supporters are set to host a free luncheon for vets next month.

"This country right now is wounded," said Walker. "There needs to be a healing process. For the people that reached out to me from all different colors, races, creeds and religions, that let me know there is hope for this country."


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