Vesta Williams' Cause of Death Revealed

Vesta Williams (Jason Merritt/Getty Images for NAACP)
Vesta Williams (Jason Merritt/Getty Images for NAACP)

EURweb is exclusively reporting the cause of death of R&B singer Vesta Williams, who died unexpectedly in September:

Singer Norwood Young received word from members of Vesta’s family that the beloved singer passed away from complications of an enlarged heart. The Williams family was given the autopsy report a “day or two ago” according to Young.


“Although it’s a sad situation overall, it’s great news to find that Vesta’s death, as I said from the very beginning, was not drug related,” Young , who was a good friend of the R&B singer, told EUR’s Lee Bailey. “Vesta did indeed die from an enlarged heart. As we know, an enlarged heart can remain undetected in the body for many, many years.”

Young said that obesity and stress may have also contributed to the beloved 53-year-old R&B singer’s untimely death.

In recent years, Vesta had battled with a drug problem and obesity. She beat both — and lost 100 pounds. The singer is best known for her top ten singles “Once Bitten, Twice Shy,” “Don’t Blow a Good Thing,” and “Congratulations.”

Asked if Vesta was taking medication for the heart condition, Young said no …

The old-school R&B songstress will be missed. In addition to scores of collaborations, she sang background vocals for Sting, Gladys Knight, Anita Baker and others, according to her official website. Her age was widely reported as 48, but she said she was 53 in a December 2010 interview.