US Navy to Investigate Video of a Kaepernick Stand-In Being Used in an Attack Dog Demonstration at Navy SEALS Museum

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Screenshot: Twitter Video

The Navy SEALS museum in Fort Pierce, Fla., is under investigation after video surfaced of a Colin Kaepernick stand-in being used for an attack dog demonstration.


NBC News reports that the videos were shared over the weekend on documentary filmmaker Billy Corben’s Twitter account and showed attack dogs attacking a white man wearing a cut up Kaepernick jersey over his protective gear. The demonstration, which took place last year, was a part of a fundraiser for the independently operated museum. In the video, after the dogs let go of him, the man in the jersey says “Aw man, I will stand,” to laughs from the crowd.

The Navy said that no active duty personnel were on scene during the demonstration and an investigation has been launched into the circumstances surrounding it. “The inherent message of this video is completely inconsistent with the values and ethos of Naval Special Warfare and the US Navy. We are investigating the matter fully, and initial indications are that there were no active duty Navy personnel or equipment involved with this independent organization’s event,” the Navy said in a statement.

Kaepernick, if you weren’t aware, was the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers from 2011-2016. He garnered much praise and even more criticism when he began kneeling during the national anthem to protest the ongoing issues of systemic racism and police brutality in the country. In recent weeks, more athletes have followed in his footsteps to protest the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor earlier this year. The NBA and MLB have seen players kneel during the anthem and the women of the WNBA straight up walked off the court when the anthem was being played.

To this day, I will never understand the vitriol that both white folks and sentient Rolo Jason Whitlock have towards Colin Kaepernick. Not a damn person cared about the anthem until he took a knee. Like, I’d maybe get the outrage if it was the Ruff Ryders’ Anthem or perhaps even the Dipset Anthem, but the Star Spangled Banner? Nah, b. Additionally, Kaepernick was released from the NFL in 2016, making this a dated reference even when it initially transpired.

Lastly, the biggest question I’ve had about the situation is this: Who the fuck just goes to an attack dog demonstration? I can name five things off top that I’d rather do than watch a dog (fake) brutalize someone.



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