Urban League: Obama Owes Blacks a "Solid"


The National Urban League released a statement saying that would like President Obama to deal with more black issues — what like, line dancing? Re-animating Freaknik? What? It's as if they don't get that what's good for America is good for all Americans, because we are, you know — black Americans.

You all know I'm no tankster-gangster masquerading as a journalist, but I admire the way Obama has never bowed to the popes of blackness, and his steadfast refusal to do so has been his most endearing quality by a sight, in my mind. These old heads want to be relevant so bad they are willing to take any shot at Obama, whether it has weight or not. The NUL put together some kind of State of Black America report — these cats are in the same bag with Tavis Smiley — people who go to the same country club, the same lame confabs and drink the same brand of gin, feeling as if this gives them some right or responsibility to opine about Da Race as a whole, as if they know something you don't. These Professional Negro cats fail, and they have been failing long before we had a black president. There is no "black agenda" beyond keeping your nose clean and keeping your family strong and vital. Tavis Smiley, the Urban League, NAACP or Nipsey Russell have no useful advice in that regard —  that march has to start at YOUR house. YOU have to make that change.


People expect so much from Obama, and it's sickening. He's not Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or your favorite Uncle Bootsy. He can't walk on water, turn rocks into bread, and just because he's black, don't look for him to do you a "solid."

Let him do his job, and trust that will be enough.

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