Unique Views, Episode 39: Shaolin Fantastic Came to Get Down

Mike Windle/Getty Images
Mike Windle/Getty Images

I don’t like to brag, but during the ’80s I was quite the break-dancer, so having The Get Down star Shameik Moore, who played Shaolin Fantastic, on the show this week was right in my wheelhouse.


I am a hip-hop aficionado. Don’t believe me? Just go back and listen to the episodes with me and my good friends Doug E. Fresh (whom I call Fresh because we are that close) and Kid from the iconic group Kid ’n Play.

Where is Patti La Danielle, aka the voice of reason, aka your grandma’s favorite silk bonnet, aka Danielle Young, the creative producer of The Root? She’s playing the background because, as you all know, if it isn’t related to liturgical dance or Idris Elba, Ms. Patti Patti doesn’t know much about it.

I kid. She’s right there with me because she loves The Get Down and had some serious questions for Moore, who has done more at 21 than Danielle ever did at the same age. What was I doing? Gathering my pennies for Burger King Value Menu items; Danielle was selling plasma for chicken sandwiches.

I don’t want to spoil the episode for you, but I do some pretty horrible impressions of Kurtis Blow and Texas rapper Scarface as Danielle and I talk about hip-hop purity and how Danielle thinks we old hippity-hop purists just need to calm down because music can evolve, and as such, Lil Yachty and all of the ASAPs are just the new wave.

Which brings us back to Mr. Moore and The Get Down—definitely a new wave, and all the juicy bits that I can’t reveal here. Moore is also an artist and has music coming out, and no, he’s not a rapper (we’re looking at you, Wikipedia).

Enjoy the episode below and show us some love on the socials.


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