Keith Sweat
Maury Phillips/BET/Getty Images for BET

It isn't every day that the Sanford and Son of podcasts—aka your grandma's favorite satin bonnet; aka your favorite podcast's most unknown favorite podcast—gets a special guest. But for this episode of Unique Views, the R&B gods blessed us with the incomparable and legendary Keith Sweat.

Keith stayed around for the entire podcast, y'all.

Since both Keith and I are singers (I sing the opening theme music for our podcast and sang tenor in my sixth-grade choir), we delve into the current state of music. I also enlist Keith's advice on trying to help my co-hosts—The Root’s social-content producer, Danielle Young (aka "Ms. Patti Patti LaDanielle"), and Senior Editor Yesha Callahan (aka "Mama Named Her Yesha so I'mma Call Her Yesha")—with dating advice. Hint: Yesha and Keith get into a heated debate as to whether Tinder is a viable option when hunting for mens.

Should Ciara be out here letting Lil' Future call her new husband, Russell Wilson, "Papa"? My new best friend, Keith Sweat, and I talked about it (OK, mainly Yesha and Danielle discussed it), but the only way you can find out how we all feel is to listen here.


In short, the little-podcast-that-could TALKED TO R&B LEGEND KEITH SWEAT!!!

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Stephen A. Crockett Jr. is a senior editor at The Root. Follow him on Twitter.