Unique Views, Episode 26: We Thought Obama Was Here Forever ... but #TrafficBae Is Here to Stay

We try our best not to have too much sadness when we talk about the issues we face each week, but we couldn’t really help it this week! President Barack Obama gave his farewell address, and eyes everywhere are filling up with tears. (Senior Editor Stephen A. Crockett here: I didn’t cry during the farewell, but my eyes did sweat a lot.)


Didn’t it seem as if Obama would be around forever? We sure thought he would be. On this 26th episode of The Root’s podcast, Unique Views, we go over President Obama’s farewell, only to realize that it means Donald Trump is coming in with all his orange “glory.” Stephen A. Crockett Jr. the 3rd and I break down what that means for the American people and what we should be paying attention to:

  1. Cory Booker
  2. Jeff Sessions
  3. Trump’s fast transition

We couldn’t let this episode be just a sad expression of what’s to come for America, so we decided to dig through internet gold and bring out a beautiful nugget, you know, for happiness’ sake.


Enter: #TrafficBae. Demetria Obilor joins the ranks of people who broke the internet because she’s hot. She joins #PrisonBae, #TeacherBae and all the other baes who ever baed. Stephen booked Obilor because he thinks I book way too many men on the podcast. And I do! We’ve had Keith Sweat, Mahershala Ali, Mathew Knowles and Donald Faison, all because of me. But I’m humble and kind in 2017, so I allowed Stephen to book a guest or two.

In order to end this podcast on a light note, we talked to #TrafficBae about her rise to internet fame and her relationship status, and we even dug into the haters who plague her career.

Listen here:


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She is the cat’s meow!

My co-worker has had a thing for Keith Sweat since Let’s Make It Last came out, maybe even before that. We both had that album on cassette, though. Anyway, she won’t go see him in concert anymore because she says he’s looking too old. I told her, hey, you are in your 60's. She doesn’t care. She prefers to be in love with the young version of KS that still lives in her head.