Unique Views, Episode 12: Hillary Clinton, aka Supa Predatah, and Pusha T, BFFs!


Danielle Young, aka Patti LaDanielle, aka one-half of the world's most dangerous podcast, has the energy of a possum on sleeping pills. Like, seriously. She claims that it's the weather, but when you're as hot as ice, as this podcast is, then you don't have time for lethargy. Nevertheless, I find a way to bring the energy up and carry the show on my back. I know what you're thinking:

Listener: Hey, Steve, what's the difference with this show?

And you're right; there is no difference. Sure, there would be no podcast without Ms. Patti Patti's work on the boards (we don't have "boards"; in fact, I don't know what boards are, but I've heard radio people use the term and I assume that boards have something to do with officially being a real radio broadcast). Point is, she does a lot. Maybe everything. Fine. She does everything, and maybe that's why she's dragging, but don't get caught there.


Get caught on this imagery below because, WTF?!


Yep, apparently Hillary Rodham Clinton and Pusha T go way back, like back in Pusha's Norfolk, Va., days. Like, back when he was out here grinding and HRC was out here calling people like him "superpredators." Either way, we discuss it.

Poor Mary J. Blige. She can't win for losing. First she was out here singing for chicken:

And now she's out here singing to HRC:

Side note: Ms. LaDanielle wants you to notice that Mary's bangs are inside her glasses.

We discuss how this came about and reveal never-released audio of Mary's interview with HRC on the podcast.

While we aren't sure how endorsements work around here, the UV podcast wants to be clear that we fully endorse Willie Wilson for president in 2016. He's tough on crimes and words. Get familiar with our next black president. We give you Willie Wilson:

Last but never least, I pulled on one of my oldest friends to come on the podcast as a favor. I don't like to talk about all the celebrity connections I have because that's just crass, but I will say that my good friend Donald Faison took time out of his busy day to come on our small but scrappy podcast as a personal favor to our friendship.


He talked about his work with the Cigna health care company to encourage people to get annual checkups, he rated his character on Scrubs versus some of the greatest TV doctors of all time (yes, Dr. Huxtable included), and we reminisced on all the times we've hung out together being friends.

We love y'all; love us back!

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