1 Twitch’s Audition Season 4.

tWitch originally auditioned for Season 3 of the FOX dance competition series, but he was cut just outside of the top 20. When he came back for Season 4, he took a more artistic approach to his solo and it was undeniable that this man was meant to be a star. He made it all the way to the finals, eventually coming in second place. But, his status as a fan favorite was cemented and he became a mainstay as an All-Star, choreographer and judge.


“Outta Your Mind”

Twilex — Alex and Twitch hip hop

This is the one that So You Think Can Dance fans are still talking about. It’s so damn good, it routinely tops favorite performances lists. In this hip-hop number, tWitch is the All-Star paired with ballet dancer Alex Wong. It’s true that a big part of this routine’s success comes from Alex’s commitment to going way outside his comfort zone. But, I also know that he would not have been able to trust in himself the way he did if he was paired with someone else. tWitch’s expertise allows Alex to shine, and it’s one of Boss’ greatest strengths as a performer.



Katee and Twitch - Mercy

tWitch’s trademark has always been his personality. In this contemporary routine with Katee Shean, the duo tells the story of a couple in the midst of a very tumultuous relationship. Through it all, tWitch’s charm never lets up and we are invested in every second of every move.

“Hello Good Morning”

Fik Shun and Twitch So you think you can dance season 10 finale

Throughout Season 10, Fik-Shun’s precise movement, infectious enthusiasm and fun personality led to constant comparisons to tWitch. By now, Boss was an All-Star and judge, so he was leaving the hard work to the kids. Of course, that didn’t mean he didn’t still have the juice when he needed it, and it was on full display in this awesome hip-hop routine.



SYTYCD4 - Joshua & Twitch - Ukrainian/Russian Trepak (Trepak) [HD]

In Season 4 the competition for America’s favorite dancer came down to tWitch and Joshua Allen, two hip-hop dancers. Just to make things interesting, the show’s producers gave them a Russian Trepak from The Nutcracker. And to the surprise of no one who was watching the whole season, they absolutely nailed it. I’m sure they missed some of the technique of a classical trained dancer, but the skill and talent is undeniable. Just a reminder, these are two hip-hop dancers!


Bonus: “Forever”

Comfort & tWitch | Dave Scott - Hip-Hop - Forever | SYTYCD S4 [HD]

I know I said five, but there’s no way I could talk about tWitch’s best performances and not include the timeless “Forever” with Comfort. The two hip-hop dancers brought an effortless quality to this routine. It didn’t feel choreographed, it felt like they just met at a club and started vibing out to the music. While hip-hop numbers tend to have a hard-hitting edge, this one feels like pure art.


These are just a handful of tWitch’s best performances. If you’re curious about how good he was on the show, go ahead and check out his robotic hip-hop with Cyrus, his contemporary to John Mayer’s “Dreaming With a Broken Heart,” or he and Ellen dancing together after Alex’s injury forced him out of the competition. Losing tWitch is heartbreaking, but let’s not forget all the great moments he gave over the years.

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