Turns Out Trump’s Fine and He’s Tweeting Again

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I was worried that the lid on President Trump’s sleeping coffin might have been too tight after his State of the Union speech because the president of people who support Liam Neeson took a break from bashing folks on Twitter, which has become his way since taking office.


Well, it looks like the president just needed extended “Executive Time,” as he was up early this morning and back to his usual routine of Twitter bullying and self-victimization.

He started the day berating House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who has opened a whole new can of whoopass on the president’s finances.

Of course, the president had to invoke the great unstained name of former President Barack Obama because since taking office he can’t not mention the greatest president to ever do it.


But Trump wasn’t done. Of course he had to take a moment to point out that the blackface scandal in Virginia, which is rocking the Democratic suburbs just like Kurtis Blow once did, would have been so much worse if those accused of painting their skin orange black were Republicans.


Please peep the racist dog whistle about bringing the Confederate state of Virginia home.

So yep, all is fine. The president’s had his goat blood and demon urine smoothie this morning and has spent a proper amount of executive time in the Oval Office bathroom and is back up to his wasteful day of tweeting—right before he drinks two Diet Cokes, watches a full episode of Goo Goo & Gaa Gaa, and then takes a nap.

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