Trump’s Pick Is a Habitual Plagiarizer

Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Monica Crowley, the author and television personality touted for a senior communications position in Trump’s administration, is bowing out of the running for that role amid reports that she is a habitual plagiarizer.


According to CNN, Crowley’s 2012 book, What the Bleep Just Happened, is full of unattributed-writer fouls. At last count, there were more than 50 instances in her book in which Crowley used someone else’s language as her own.

But that is not all. CNN also found that she plagiarized passages in her columns for the Washington Times and in her 2000 Ph.D. dissertation from Columbia University.


“After much reflection I have decided to remain in New York to pursue other opportunities and will not be taking a position in the incoming administration,” Crowley, who was slated to be the senior director of strategic communications for the National Security Council, said in a statement. “I greatly appreciate being asked to be part of President-elect Trump’s team and I will continue to enthusiastically support him and his agenda for American renewal.”

A Columbia University spokesperson told CNN that a review of Crowley’s dissertation would be kept confidential.

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I don’t get what the big deal is. This lady was going to be writing speeches for Melania. When I first heard this news I was sort of like, “isn’t that the idea”?

Not only that, but is it such a bad thing if a person Donald Trump picks plagiarizes the words of other people? Do we really want them to use their own words?