Trump's Joint Press Conference With Russian President Makes Their Secret Love an Official Relationship

President Donald Trump, left, and Russian President Vladimir Putin answer questions about the 2016 U.S Election collusion during a joint press conference after their summit on July 16, 2018 in Helsinki, Finland.
Photo: Chris McGrath (Getty Images)

The president of the United States is currently in a relationship with the Justin Bieber of world leaders. Vladimir Putin is not just a bad boy, he’s a Russian mobster, a dictator and an actual thug, not a play thug for R&B likes. The president has been caught talking to Putin on his burner phone late at night under his comforter, when he’s supposed to be sleeping. He’s snuck out of his window to see him late at night. He’s sent nudes. At this point, this forbidden love is happening, but why is Trump insistent on forcing his boyfriend down our throats?

We don’t like him. He’s bad for the United States. We see past his tattoos and skinny jeans. On Monday the president of the United States forced America to into witness a summit between himself and his boyfriend on a world stage. Why are we even meeting with this man? Why does Trump insist on making Putin America’s friend just because he’s in love? It’s not only bizarre AF, it’s completely embarrassing to witness the president of the United States fawn over a world leader while denouncing his own country for not loving Putin the way that he does.


During a joint press conference with both world leaders, a reporter asked the the president of the United States if he believed America’s intelligence committee, which had found that Vladimir Putin’s Russia interfered in the 2016 election process, or if he believed the Russian president, and the president not only said stay away from my boyfriend, he turned on his own intelligence committee. Trump not only threw his own country’s intelligence committees under the bus, he grabbed Putin’s hand and said, “We love each other! Why can’t you guys just be supportive of our love?!” he took yet another opportunity to bash 2016 democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

And Putin blatantly admitted that he wanted Trump to win the election because clearly it serves Russian interests.

“Yes, I did, because he was the one who wanted to normalize relations with Russia,” Putin said when asked if he wanted Trump to win, The Hill reports.


Former CIA Director John Brennan tweeted a strongly worded reaction that pretty much sums up progressive America’s feelings about this toxic relationship, noting that this bullshit was “nothing short of treasonous.”


Make no mistake about it, the president just stood on a global stage and placed blame on Russian meddling squarely on the shoulders of America because he loves his man and there is nothing he won’t do to prove it, including compromising America interest.

Looks like Hillary Clinton’s tweet before the summit, (which, why are we holding summits with thugs?), summed it up perfectly.


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