Trump’s Going on Another Vacation, and This Time He’s Bringing His Full Cabinet

Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images
Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

Because the president of the United States is a lazy thot, he plans on taking another vacation this weekend, but this time he’s bringing his full Cabinet.


I have no idea why the president can’t sit his lazy ass in the White House and continue to let the other white supremacists run the country the way he’s been doing. I guess for looks, he’s now bringing his full Cabinet with him to Camp David this weekend.

“They are expected to discuss a wide range of issues, spanning from the administration’s legislative strategy for tax reform to the growing nuclear crisis in North Korea,” CNN reports.


Camp David wasn’t built to be another White House, so the thot-in-chief is going to have to find room for all these folks, and according to CNN, that isn’t going to be easy. Half of the president’s Cabinet will arrive at the 125-acre retreat on Friday, stay overnight and then leave Saturday once the other half arrives. They are expected to stay the night and then leave Sunday.

Trump might be laziest president to ever take office and still not do anything but complain as if he does and then vacation as if he’s worked hard. At this point he’s gotten it down to a science. He’s basically the co-worker who complains about everything and doesn’t do any work and then leaves promptly at 5 p.m. and gets his vacation days in at the top of the year.

Read more at CNN.

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Camp David??

Given his affinity to visit his golfing properties for his “working” vacations, why not visit Mar-Largo? Keep his ass inside, offline, and shut down for a few days.