Trump Warned Not to Pardon Republican Lawmakers Connected to Capitol Coup

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Presidential Shitstain, who just won’t stop trying to run his administration like a communist regime, apparently had to be warned that pardoning Republican lawmakers connected to the mayonnaise mobsters who stormed the goddamned U.S. Capitol would be frowned upon by those Republicans who didn’t agree with it.


According to CNN, legal advisers had to gather Trump’s ass up and let him know that he can’t be running around here giving pardons to any of the idiots involved in the Capitol insurrection as it “would anger the very Senate Republicans who will determine his fate in an upcoming impeachment trial.”

See, many Republicans were with the invasion of the Capitol and have asked Trump to pardon them, despite being fully with the terrorists who tried to kill democracy. But there were a bunch of Congress members who weren’t the insurrection-shits, and many of them are in the Senate and could keep Trump’s on the presidential sideline for the remainder of his natural life.

Legal advisers also had to tell Trump not to pardon his family or himself as it would put him “in [a] legally perilous position,” not to mention it would look mad guilty to pardon his brood and himself preemptively.

From CNN:

White House counsel Pat Cipollone and another attorney who represented Trump in his first impeachment trial, Eric Herschmann, offered the grave warnings as Trump, his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner listened. Other lawyers joined by telephone. They all told Trump he should not pardon himself, his family or any GOP lawmakers in a prospective manner unless he was prepared to list specific crimes.

Cipollone and former Attorney General William Barr both warned Trump earlier this month they did not believe he should pardon himself, multiple sources familiar with the matter told CNN last week. Barr conveyed this position to Trump before resigning last month, sources say.

Trump continued to bring the matter up in the ensuing days, even after officials believed the issue was resolved. But the sobering meeting on Saturday evening at the White House seemed to put the idea to rest.

Normally Trump doesn’t give a shit about advice, especially advice that doesn’t line up with his, but something about this message delivered Saturday must’ve gotten through Trump’s white supremacy skull.

But who are we kidding? There are still more hours left in the day and anything is possible.


For now, a thoroughly embarrassed, dejected and disheartened Trump is reportedly moping about the White House waiting for his failed tenure to come to an end. CNN notes that Trump has until noon Wednesday to decide if he’s going to be pardoning family and friends, including former strategist Steve Bannon.

But apparently, the president is too sad to think about any of this stuff as he’s been pretty upset that his failed coup is leading to his possible impeachment and the potential of him never being able to fuck up the country again.

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If Mitch McConnell and his band of old-school, rich white guy Republicans really wanted to take back control of their party they would vote to convict Trump in the impeachment trial and prohibit him for running for public office again. I’m sure, though, that they still think they can control the loonies and just use them for their votes while getting the one, and only thing, that rich old Republicans really want. More money.