Trump Threatens to Revoke NBC’s License Because He’s a Dick Who Wants Desperately to Be a Dictator

Win McNamee/Getty Images
Win McNamee/Getty Images

It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means: President Lucas von LittleFingers is tweeting again about some shit that he can’t do but could if he were the president of North Korea and not the United States.

Because the president doesn’t understand how any of this works, he took to Twitter to threaten to revoke NBC’s television-station license.


President Pee-Pee von RussianBedSheets was all fussy because of an NBC News report that claimed that Trump wanted to increase the country’s nuclear arsenal tenfold. I will admit that I have no idea if this story is true, but it feels true because the president is a madman who is trying desperately to create a dictatorship. He would like to believe that he is a king or other ruler or an evil Nazi with a little mustache, so wanting to be able to annihilate the world seems right up his alley.

Trump did claim that the story was “pure fiction” and “made up to demean,” but at this point, who believes him? I mean, a liar keeps talking about how mainstream journalism consists of liars. So who do you believe? A system with no vested interest, or a liar who sprays his skin orange and then won’t let anyone who says “Hey, man, your skin looks crazy as fuck” around him?

Sadly, Trump’s Twitter-tough-guying has become par for the course, except he can’t actually pull NBC’s license because it doesn’t work that way. Here’s how CNN explains it:

First of all, there is no single license for NBC or any other national television network. Licenses are granted to individual local stations — and NBC doesn’t even own most of the stations that broadcast its content across the country. And it is extremely unusual for any station’s license to be taken away for any reason, much less for a political vendetta.

The licenses for local television stations are subject to review by the Federal Communications Commission every eight years.

It would not be possible for Trump or his allies to challenge all of the licenses held by NBC in one fell swoop. Individuals who reside in the areas the local channel airs would have to submit complaints to the FCC.


This is what Trump does: He tweets and creates online beefs much like the characters in the WWE, because it creates drama and keeps people’s attention away from other areas that he’s avoiding, like his failed attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare. The real work is to make him a one-term president so that we can collectively wake up from this dumpster-fire nightmare.

Read more at CNN.

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