Trump Takes to Twitter to Bash 'Radical Left' for Boycotting Home Depot

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This is America.

So the co-founder of Home Depot, Bernie Marcus, has every right to pledge his support and money to President Donald Trump.


And people who find the president to be a vile mass of pig vomit have the right to protest Marcus’ store.

Where things get weird is when the president of women who wear pajama pants outside of the house takes to Twitter to bash those who are exercising their constitutional right to boycott fuckshit.

Well, all of this happened, and for some reason, the president of people who call police on black people just because they are black jumped on his public pulpit to call those demanding a boycott of the hardware store chain “vicious and totally crazed.”

It all started with an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in which Marcus noted that he planned to support Trump’s reelection campaign, acknowledging that the president “sucks” at communication, but adding that “his impact on employment and aggressive stances toward China and Iran have been positive,” Yahoo reports.

Marcus just didn’t want to say that “Trump supports the 1 percent and I like his tax cuts for the wealthy.”


In a recent statement, Home Depot said, “Bernie retired from The Home Depot more than 15 years ago and isn’t speaking on behalf of the company. In fact, as a standard practice, the company does not endorse Presidential candidates.”

Marcus, 90, is worth some $5.9 billion and most of that is from Home Depot shares that he still owns.


Yahoo notes that “Trump kept tweeting about Home Depot after the first two-part tweet” because he’s a petty president and that’s what petty presidents do.


No one knows what the hell “two can play that game” is supposed to mean but it sounded tough in a West Side Story kind of way and we all know how much Trump loves white gangs.



All sorts of intersectional issues here. Home Depot traditionally is way, way friendlier to day laborers (nearly all of whom lack papers) than is Lowe’s, who routinely calls the cops on them. Both stores are of course anti-union as fuck, but that’s American capitalism for you. THD was willing to expand into underserved areas a lot longer ago; they had at least one store in South Central L.A., and hired extensively locally, when nobody was putting stores there.

Bernie Marcus is a well-known douchenozzle, but he’s not even on the top ten shareholders list. I suspect that the company would prefer that he die sooner rather than later so they don’t have to deal with the blowback from his mouth.