President Donald Trump (center) stands with National Rifle Association President Wayne LaPierre (right) and NRA-ILos Angeles Executive Director Chris Cox during the NRA Leadership Forum in Atlanta April 28, 2017. (Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

President Vladimir TrumPutin is speaking at the RWMWG Racist White Men With Guns National Rifle Association Leadership Forum in Atlanta, making him the first president in 34 years to speak to the gathering of raucous white men.

This isn’t the first time that Trump has spoken to the NRA, which endorsed him in May of last year, but it does mark the first time since then-President Ronald Reagan did so in 1983 that a sitting president has spoken at its convention, ABC News reports.


And Trump received an extremely shady welcome to the city from Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell, who clowned his itinerary, noting that while in the city, the president wasn’t going to visit the final resting place of Martin Luther King Jr., who died as a result of gun violence.

Mitchell added that Trump wouldn’t do anything other than appease the controversial gun-rights group, which made more than $52 million in donations to candidates during the 2016 election, stating:

“He likely also won’t stop in to visit John Lewis, the congressman who represents much of Atlanta, and whose district, our city, Trump claimed was falling apart and horrible,” said Mitchell.

“As City Council president, I’d like to welcome Donald Trump to our city. His itinerary is not the one I suggest to most visitors, and to truly enjoy our city, he should consider being open to our people, to our values, and to our needs,” Mitchell said in a statement.

“And while we thank you for your help on the repair of the [Interstate] 85 bridge, please feel free to leave more money in the federal budget for critical transit agencies like MARTA [Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority] so we aren’t so car dependent going forward. Creating safer communities and better commutes are two such needs that go to the core of making America great.”

“Enjoy your brief stay, thank you for tangling the already bad traffic, and please do come again.”

Say it with your chest, Mitchell!

Read more at ABC News and On Common Ground News.

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