Trump Pardons Racist Former Maryland Cop Who Unleashed Her Canine on Homeless People for Fun

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Last week The Root reported that the president of pardoning despicable white people has been spending his last weeks in office doling out absolution to allies, white-collar criminals and war criminals like he’s the Grinch that stole clemency and now he’s giving it all back.


Well, it turns out we can add police brutality aficionado to the list, as it’s been reported that among Trump’s recent pardon recipients is a former Prince George’s County, Md., police officer, Stephanie C. Mohr, who served a 10-year prison sentence after being convicted in 2001 for unleashing her canine on two homeless people damn reason at all.

From the Washington Post:

In the middle of the night on Sept. 21, 1995, a local Prince George’s County police burglary stakeout unit found two homeless men on the empty roof of a business, eating food they had found in the trash in Takoma Park, Md. Ordered down from the roof, Ricardo Mendez and his friend willingly climbed down. Lit by a police helicopter above and facing a brick wall, the two men were surrounded by police officers, some with guns drawn, and Mohr holding her German shepherd on a leash. Both men obeyed commands and stood facing the wall with their hands up.

It should have been over. It wasn’t.

A police sergeant later testified that he was approached by Mohr’s supervising officer who said, “Hey Sarge, we got a new dog. Mind if it gets a bite?” The sergeant gave consent, and Mohr set her dog to attack Mendez, an undocumented immigrant whose only crime was seeking a safe place to eat and sleep. Mohr testified that she was doing her job as trained, and the victim needed “only 10 stitches.”

According to the Post, the police sergeant involved also served prison time after pleading guilty to his role in the incident, so maybe he’s next on Donald Trump’s list of horrible people to be absolved of their horribleness.

In early December, Mohr went on Newsmax—the Republican Only Fans for white people who are even too racist for Republican Porn Hub Fox News—to beg like one of her weaponized dogs for Trump to grant her pardon.


In a statement from the White House, officials wrote that Trump “granted a full pardon” to Mohr and that her “clemency is supported by the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund and the Fraternal Order of Police.” The statement also referred to her as a “highly commended member of the police force prior to her prosecution.” But here’s the thing: That’s a whole-ass lie.

More from the Post:

Evidence at trial showed that Mohr had previously released her dog on a Black teenager sleeping in a hammock in his own backyard. She had threatened the relatives of a fugitive that she would let her dog attack their “black ass” if they did not tell her where he was. There were other incidents that the jury did not even learn about, including one in which Mohr put her dog into a trash dumpster to attack a man who had fled from police.


Despite Mohr’s apparent history of using her canine cop as a proxy for police brutality, Jason Johnson, the president of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, insists that her prison sentence was “unconscionably harsh.”

“While this pardon can’t erase the years Stephanie lost, it ends a saga for Stephanie and her family and creates a Christmas like none other,” Johnson said in a statement.


Because nothing puts you in the Holiday spirit like law enforcement officials congratulating a criminal cop for evading accountability after being rightfully brought to justice and lamenting the years that she deserved to lose.

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Gameface doesn`t play nice with others

I grew up in PG County. I work in PGCPS. Most affluent Black county in the country. Police department is fucked up with racism. She can get all the pardons that racist ass ‘president’ can offer but that ain’t gonna change the fact that she spent that time behind bars. Btw, I remember this trial from back in the day, her and her bitch-ass Sgt. NEVER admitted wrong doing. No contrition. None. Save for the fact that they got caught doing it. Fuck this bitch. Fuck that orange fat fucker emboldening racists with racist shit like this. If God loves Black people at all, they will both die horribly. Soon.