Trump Owes State-Owned Chinese Bank a Whole Lotta Bread and That Loan Payment Is Coming Up Soon

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Well, what do you know: Turns out that President Trump, aka “Let me get money out of the country because my name is no good here,” owes a shit ton of cash to a state-owned Chinese bank, and that chicken is coming home to get its bread.


According to financial records obtained by Politico, the loan would be due around the middle of former Vice President Joe Biden’s first term as president or Trump’s second term should white women betray the country and vote to re-elect this ass-bag again. And I know, not all white women, but 53 percent of y’all did, so I rounded up because I’m not good at math but I do know that’s more than half of y’all.

Because Trump uses his accusations about others to project the shit going on in his life, the president of people who live off their inheritance has claimed that if Biden were to win the presidency, “China will own the United States,” but look who China already has on a layaway plan.

I can’t lie; it looks like Biden’s son Hunter’s only job was to stay on someone’s board. Remember when he got into all this shit for serving on the board of Burisma Holdings, a major Ukrainian natural gas producer, and he was forced to resign?

Well, the young Biden also served on the board of a Chinese private equity company that Trump claimed was linked to a $1.5 billion investment plan from a Chinese bank, and wouldn’t you know that’s the same bank that holds Trump’s loan?

According to Salon, “Trump’s debt stems from his 30% ownership stake in a 43-story New York skyscraper at 1290 Avenue of the Americas, the documents show. Trump has bragged that he ‘got’ the building from China in a ‘war.’”

“I beat China all the time,” he said when announcing his run for president in 2015. “I own a big chunk of the Bank of America building [in San Francisco] and 1290 Avenue of the Americas that I got from China in a war. Very valuable. I love China.”


From Salon:

The New York Times reported in 2016 that Trump only owned 30% of both buildings. And Trump’s financial ties to the country do not end with his ownership stake in the building. Chinese state-owned companies are developing two luxury Trump buildings in Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates. The president and his daughter, Ivanka, have also been granted numerous trademarks by the Chinese government since he took office. His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has sought Chinese investment in at least one real estate deal.

“We actually explored all these foreign enterprises and how once he became president he’d be seen differently by foreign leaders who would have leverage over this president, because he had investments in their countries and/or financial dealings with business enterprises and financial institutions and investors in their countries,” Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., who sits on the House Oversight Committee, told Politico. “He is highly conflicted with respect to China.”


Trump continuously denies any conflicts of interest, but he has also refused to divest from his company because then he wouldn’t be needed by the Draya Michele of his life, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump is reportedly on the hook for tens of millions after the “Vornado Realty Trust, the building’s primary owner, refinanced the building for $950 million in 2012. The debt included a $211 million loan from the Bank of China, the first loan of its kind in the U.S.,” Salon reports.


“While Trump is talking about the former vice president’s son financial dealings, in Trump’s case, it is the president himself who has a company he still owns and profits from that has financial relationships with the countries that he is supposed to be negotiating with on behalf of the American people,” Robert Maguire of the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, told Politico.

“There are definitely legitimate questions that are raised by Hunter Biden’s actions. They are not even in the same ballpark as the conflict of interest questions raised by President Trump’s continued relationship with his own company.”


The Trump campaign obviously distanced its dealings with the Chinese bank from Hunter Biden’s dealings.

“There is an obvious difference between Donald Trump working as a successful businessman as a private citizen and Hunter Biden using his name to cash in with a $1.5 billion investment from a state-controlled Chinese bank while his father was vice president,” campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh told Politico.


George Mesires, a lawyer for Hunter Biden said Biden’s business partners received $4.2 million from a group of investors in China in a private equity dealnot the $1.5 billion the investment firm hoped to net in total after several investing rounds.

Colin Kahl, a former aide to President Barack Obama and Joe Biden, summed the whole thing up in a tweet: “The next time Trump breathes one word about Biden and China, remember this,” he tweeted. “Trump is up to his eyeballs in debt to the Bank of China...and the loan is due soon.”


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Ok... Trump is a spoiled ass mother’s boy. He didn’t take his education seriously, only being accepted to a good school because of the wealthy version of affirmative action (which actually DOES exist). He isn’t a thinker. In fact, he totally lacks any intellectual curiosity at all. He has five kids by 3 different baby mommas, none if which he has, or has EVER had a reasonably healthy relationship with. He’s a womanizer, yet lies about the quality of his conquests, and how much all women love him. He lies about EVERYDAMNEDTHING. Including his dick, his wealth, his net worth, his intelligence, even inexplicably dumb shit like “this is my natural hair, my hair just grows like this”. He is broke. He has bad credit. He skips out on those he owes money to.

Did I miss anything?

Yet somehow the 30+ percent of white people who support him see him as some kind of transformative figure. DESPITE 3 1/2 YEARS OF EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY. Not to mention the 40+ years before that. They are even too blind and stupid to see that he personifies every fucked up stereotype they attribute to people of color.