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Over the course of one of the worst administrations in the history of the United States, we’ve all learned one thing: Whenever President Trump starts rage tweeting something is going right for the world and drastically wrong for him.

On Monday, the president called out special counsel Robert Mueller and the investigation into the obvious collusion with Trump’s play-cousin, Russia, and his love for what Russian sex workers have dubbed “the Russian rainstorm.” No, this has nothing to do with global warming or meteorology, I’m talking about prostitute urine here.


Despite Trump’s official White House schedule which says that from 8:30 am to 9:00 am he would be watching the antics of Goo Goo and Gaa Gaa and from 9:00 am t0 10:00 am he was supposed to get a special jar of Gerber’s KFC original formula baby food and have his adult diaper changed, the president was tweeting from the iPad he stole out of the aides’ locker:

This means that Trump must’ve heard that the Mueller investigation is coming to a close and it’s not favorable. Trump is nothing if not inconsistent, but he continuously tries to get ahead of bad news by tweeting his version of the truth to his minion.


Like all good cult leaders, Trump knows that being first and loud with news is effective, so Trump uses Twitter like his bullhorn during a tiki torch rally. He is aware that his followers would have no problem drinking the Kool-aid even if he told them it was laced with arsenic because they love him that much.

Remember this guy:


That guy isn’t the exception, he’s the rule. The only hope for black America and the 47% of white women who didn’t vote for Trump, is that at some point the world self-corrects and the law proves that the orange mass of equals part racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and overall hatred, is all about Russian interests.

Or, to paraphrase the clarion call that always preceded the arrival of greatest character on the greatest television show ever made:

“Mueller is coming, yo.”

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