Trump Has the Perfect Location for His Library: A Trump-Owned Property

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Leave it to the businessman who’s so bad at business, he’s probably lost every game of Monopoly he’s ever played, to try and profit off his presidential library.


On Sunday, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd—who is no Tim Russert—asked the president if he has thought about his presidential library. The question should have been easy and mindless. Below is the president’s response.

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Here’s how Rolling Stone breaks it all down:

“I know a lot of people mentioned it to me, the presidential library.” Todd next asked if Trump knew where he’d want the library.

Then, the man who markets everything from his name to bogus for-profit colleges to steaks, went into money making mode and answered, “I have a lot of locations actually. The nice part, I don’t have to worry about buying a location.”

That’s right, Trump’s first thought was how he could personally cash in on his presidential library. Trump has marketed his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, throughout his presidency, calling it the “Winter White House.” So, naturally he angled for that location telling Todd, “I’ve been treated so great in Florida. You know, the win in Florida. I’ve been treated so great in so many states.”

Trump is never not making sure that he’s taking care of Trump. In fact, since taking office, Trump has made sure that all of Trump’s properties have been taken care of. He’s used the White House to further his business dealings, and guests trying to curry favor with the president know it doesn’t hurt matters to stay in a Trump hotel.

In short, the president is never not busy making sure that he’s taking care of the president.

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Trump library?

I’m picturing a stack of old National Enquirers and New York Posts in the corner of the common area at Leavenworth.