Trump Campaign Selling ‘Fredo Unhinged’ Shirts Following CNN Host Chris Cuomo’s Dustup

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A lot can be said about the Trump campaign but one would have to admit that they know how to seize a moment and make a buck no matter how morally corrupt or ethically embarrassing.


The Trump campaign is now selling “Fredo Unhinged” T-shirts with screenshots of CNN host Chris Cuomo’s face during a recent fuss fight with an asshat who called him “Fredo.”

A video of Cuomo about to beat the brakes off of a white man trying to be cute went viral recently. In the video, the man thought it would be funny to call the host “Fredo”—a reference to the inept son in The Godfather. Needless to say, Cuomo, who is with the shits, threatened to throw the funny man down some stairs (or as Cuomo put it, “I’ll fucking throw you down these stairs like a fucking punk.”) At one point, Cuomo claimed that the word “Fredo” was as demeaning to Italians as the n-word is to African Americans.

It’s not.

Because the president of the United States is a social media troll, Trump weighed in on the Fredo debate and noted that he also believed that Cuomo was a “Fredo.”


So now the Trump campaign is seeking to earn a quick buck off the moment by selling the “Fredo Unhinged” T-shirts for $34. Sizes run from small to extra-large and the product description reads, “The truth hurts. He totally lost it. Help us annoy Chris Cuomo and buy your ‘Fredo Unhinged Tee’ now!USA Today reports.

We have truly reached DEFCON 1 levels of worldwide embarrassment.

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What in American culture made it possible to go from a Barack Obama to a guttersnipe like Donald Trump? And this is coming from someone who’s had some disagreements with Barack’s presidency.

What exactly were white people thinking when they made Trump president? smh