Trump Blasts President Obama in 'Today' Show Interview

Donald Trump takes potshots at President Obama on the Today show.

In his eternal quest for fame, Donald Trump blasted President Obama during an interview on the Today show with Meredith Vieira.

During the interview, he stated that President Obama has done a terrible job as president and continued to question his U.S. citizenship, suggesting that Obama may have pulled the best "con game" ever. When pressed for details by Vieira, Trump said that he had proof that Obama isn't a citizen and espoused the virtues of the Tea Party. President Obama came out of the womb of a woman from Kansas who was an American citizen. It does not matter where in the world he was born because being born to her makes him a citizen. Duh.


Did we mention that he was running down "foreigners"? We guess his wives don't count.

Trump did admit that President Obama is good at getting elected, but that's it. Trump and his detractors just may see how good President Obama is at staying elected. The flap-jaw finished his interview by stating that he hasn't declared his run for presidency because of his hit television show The Apprentice on NBC, and doing so would be a disservice to the network.  

Puh-lease. He's not going to declare because then we'd find out his real net worth, which we suspect is a lot less than he claims.  NBC's Luke Russert tweeted, "NBC/WSJ Poll has Donald Trump in 2nd place in #GOP field. Romney 21% Trump 17% Huck 17%. Trump leads amongst Tea Party voters." We can't say we're shocked that people think this windbag and zealot would be a good candidate for president.

As the Twitterverse is showing, he may have gained some Tea Party "votes," but has certainly lost a few Celebrity Apprentice fans with his raging rant on the Today show. Shame on NBC for allowing their network to be used by a blowhard to promote his presidential musings.



In other news: Obama: Confident of Budget Deal Despite Looming Shutdown.

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