Trump Believes All Black People Are Friends, Asks Black Reporter to Set Up Meeting With Congressional Black Caucus

Mario Tama/Getty Images
Mario Tama/Getty Images

President Donald Trump held a press conference, which means that he did something stupid. Sure, he brought up Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama, since that is becoming the norm for him, but this time he started to let his inner racist asshole come through.


During the press conference Thursday, a black reporter, April Ryan, the White House correspondent and Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks, asked the president if he planned to include the Congressional Black Caucus in his urban agenda.

To be fair, Ryan did use the organization’s acronym—“CBC”—when she asked the question.

Trump then asked, “Who?”

“The Congressional Black Caucus,” Ryan shot back.

“Do you want to set up the meeting? Are they friends of yours?” Trump asked.

The head-scratching moment came right after Ryan named the group. Because Trump doesn’t know what the hell the CBC is, or what it does, the group has been forced to take to Twitter like an ex-girlfriend to remind the president that they did text him and he never texted back:


Other than the fact that Ryan is a black woman, what would make President Trump think that a black reporter had any affiliation with the CBC? Why would he ask her to set up a meeting with the CBC if the request wasn’t based on her race? Why would he ask if they were friends?

The short answer is because the president is a misogynistic dirtbag who has a history of racism so long, it’s starting to leak out. Watch the clip again slowly and you can see the dim white separatist light bulb go off inside his racist skull, and then Trump figures the group she’s asking about is black and the reporter is black, so why doesn’t she set up the meeting, since, you know, all black people know each other.


It’s as if there is not, and has never been, a filter between his mouth and his internal racism.

Ryan told the president, “I’m just a reporter,” because, you know, it’s also not her fucking job to set up meetings for his dumb ass. Seriously, the comment not only is vaguely racist but is completely misogynistic. The White House press pool, and most certainly the women in the White House press pool, don’t work for the president.


Honestly, we are edging dangerously close to Trump going full racist. He hasn’t yet, but unless someone pulls his permanently wind-rustled hair straight, it’s bound to happen.


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