Trump Administration Wanted to Release Detained Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities to Target Those Who Opposed the President's Border Wall: Report

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Because the Trump administration takes its cues from The Walking Dead and thus believes that immigrants crossing the border are akin to zombies, a new report reveals that Trump officials tried to pressure the Department of Homeland Security into releasing walkers detained immigrants into sanctuary cities as retaliation against those who opposed the president’s plan for a border wall.


Apparently, this was a bridge too far for migrant baby thief, former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and was part of the reason she submitted her resignation as Trump reportedly pushed for her to follow through with this dumb-ass plan. Nielsen not only resisted the plan, DHS’s legal team eventually produced an analysis that explained how fucking stupidly insane this plan was, The Washington Post reports.

Trump continues his push to prove that he’s the bottomless mimosa brunch at Satan’s restaurant, serving only the best, most putrid hate and vileness. This proves once again that the president of the United States, the man voted into office by 53 percent of white women, is not only continuing his hardline, race-based immigration policies, he’s also back in his payback bag. This move proves that the president believes that the mere existence of migrants is troubling and that somehow “releasing” them into sanctuary cities of those who opposed his views would mean obvious trouble.

“Thursday’s reports come as the president has amplified his rhetoric on illegal immigration in recent weeks, even threatening to close the southern border if Congress and Mexico don’t take action,” CNN reports.

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller—who once sprayed hair on his head before a national television appearance, which proves he can’t be trusted—pushed for the plan, because of course he did. Miller is behind all of the president’s most devious decisions because Miller is not only the president’s personal kiss-ass, he might be the only person who, without guidance from the world or influence from society, was actually born a racist. Rumor has it that shortly after Miller’s birth, while still inside the hospital see-through incubator, Miller built a wall around himself so that Latinx nurses couldn’t touch him.

Miller reportedly grew angry that DHS lawyers wouldn’t find a way to make this plan work and didn’t want to hear that the proposal was likely illegal.

From CNN:

DHS officials believe that the legal standoff is one reason why Miller has pushed for the firing of John Mitnick, the general counsel for DHS, who is still with the department.

A separate DHS official confirmed there was such a proposal. “These are human beings, not game pieces,” the official said.

Asked to comment, a DHS spokesperson said, “This was a suggestion that was floated and rejected, which ended any further discussion.” Another DHS official briefed on the matter disputed that the proposal reached Nielsen.


“The extent of this administration’s cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated,” Ashley Etienne said in a statement, CNN reports. “Using human beings—including little children—as pawns in their warped game to perpetuate fear and demonize immigrants is despicable, and in some cases, criminal. The American people have resoundingly rejected this Administration’s toxic anti-immigrant policies, and Democrats will continue to advance immigration policies that keep us safe and honor our values.”



I’m confused as to how this is a threat? Yes, release these people into a city that wants to protect basic human rights. That isn’t some sort of threat, that is actually doing something that a lot of people involved in Sanctuary Cities and Immigration Rights would actually welcome.