‘Triggered’ By Hecklers, Donald Trump Jr. Bolts Book Signing Event

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Second-generation dimwit and acclaimed hair gel consumer Donald Trump Jr. bolted from an appearance at a California college after he was heckled by MAGA-maniacs who were upset by his refusal to answer questions.


Dotard Trump Jr., scheduled a Sunday appearance at the University of California, Los Angeles to promote his new book, ironically titled: Triggered: How The Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us. Although no one on the left has ever donated a single fuck to silence the Rob Kardashian of the Trump clan, the entire premise of what one could safely assume is the first white supremacist pop-up book was upended when Donny informed the crowd of 450 that he was not mentally equipped to take questions, according to the Guardian.

Sponsored by Turning Point USA—the group that gave us Candace Owens and Kanye’s “Blexit” t-shirts— the book signing was scheduled for two hours but only lasted 20 minutes after a raucous crowd turned on the Donny and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle when attendees learned the Fredo Corleone of Trumps wouldn’t take audience questions due to “time constraints.” Apparently inspired by Trump rallies, instead of chanting “Send him back” or Lock him up,” around 450 people decided to give Joffrey Lannister Trump a taste of his daddy’s medicine.

The Guardian reports:

At first, Trump and Guilfoyle tried to ignore the discontent, which originated with a fringe group of America Firsters who believe the Trump administration has been taken captive by a cabal of internationalists, free-traders, and apologists for mass immigration.

When the shouting would not subside, Trump Jr tried—and failed—to argue that taking questions from the floor risked creating soundbites that leftwing social media posters would abuse and distort. Nobody was buying that.

In minutes, the entire argument put forward by the president’s son – that he was willing to engage in dialogue but that it was the left that refused to tolerate free speech – crumbled.

“I’m willing to listen…” Trump began.

“Q and A! Q and A!” the audience yelled back.

Guilfoyle unironically told the hecklers that they weren’t making their “parents proud by being rude and disruptive and discourteous,” apparently unaware that the crowd had all earned their undergraduate degrees in Rude and Disruptive Studies at Donald Trump University.

So they ran.

Footage of Donny’s cowardly exit quickly spread on social media:


A small group of protesters also demonstrated outside of the event, according to the L.A. Times. Some attendees called Donald Trump Jr.’s white fragility-induced ghost move an “absolute disaster” while others have speculated that he was showing off his snowflake sprinting ability in hopes to secure a spot on the 2020 Olympic Fuckboy team.


Maybe it was bone spurs.

“I don’t understand it at all,” said Amanda Seales. “Even if they didn’t want me there, I would have stayed.”


“Running scared might just be their family’s thing,” added Kurdish forces.

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Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop

I am delighted that not only was he heckled, he was heckled by conservatives. It’s harder to spin that one.