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Miles Willis/Getty Images

Turns out that Tom Ford also rocks Tom Ford.

The high-end fashion retailer included two sequined football-jersey-style dresses with "TOM FORD" emblazoned across the back in his runway show at London's Fashion Week on Monday.


In between his luxurious fur coats and cashmere dresses, the designer sent down two versions of the dress, which had "MOLLY" crossed out and "TOM FORD 61" on the back, the Associated Press notes.

It was a knock-off of the black-and-white jersey-style T-shirt that Jay Z has sported while performing his hit "Tom Ford," on which the rapper boasts that he doesn’t have time for new drugs (Molly) as he is too busy getting fly (Tom Ford). The 61 on both jerseys is a nod to Ford's birth year, AP reports.


As to how Ford got the design right, "I just took the knock-off from online, and knocked it off," Ford told the Associated Press after the show.

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