So, a white dude in Ohio who ripped off a few banks and a CVS disguised as a Black dude has been apprehended

Maybe Conrad Zdzierak was inspired by "Soul Man (1986)," or even Robert Downey Jr.'s performance in "Tropic Thunder" (2008), but the 30-year-old, former Florida resident didn't rely on tanning pills or surgical procedures, respectively, to darken his skin. Instead he played out his John Dillinger Chaz Williams dreams while wearing a Hollywood style mask (called The Player) that was good enough to fool bank tellers and police into thinking their suspect was an African-American.

You don't get the feeling anyone bothered to ask, "Are you sure the culprit was black?," though.

It wasn't meddling kids that foiled Zdzierak's plans, but the fact that he never bothered ditching his getaway car. While charged with six counts of aggravated robbery, bail set at $3 million, there is no word on whether or not Zdzeriak, who was born in Poland, will be craving black and white cookies while in jail.

Sadly, that plan really isn't that stupid.

SOURCE: Black Voices


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