Junior Bishop, who dresses as Spider-Man and takes photos with people for tips in New York’s Times Square, was recorded apparently scuffling with police.   

Spider-Man is in prison, and while he has superhuman powers, he doesn't have $3,500 to post bail.

According to the New York Daily News, Junior Bishop, 25, who dresses up as the web-slinging superhero and panhandles photos with tourists in New York City's Times Square, reportedly punched a cop, breaking his glasses. Bishop was charged with "assault, criminal mischief and resisting arrest charges," according to the Daily News. Apparently the cops tried to arrest Bishop on charges of aggressive panhandling when the fight occurred.

"When I attempted to place the defendant in handcuffs … the defendant then punched me with a closed fist, striking me several times in the face and body, causing my glasses to break, causing redness, swelling, bleeding and pain to the right side of my face," Officer Eduardo Molino reported in a criminal complaint filed against Bishop, the Daily News notes.

Bishop's lawyer, Eric Schlosser, reportedly asked the court to keep the superhero's bail manageable, since he still lives at home with his mother and grandmother in Brooklyn.


"It is not possible [for Bishop] nor his family to post bail," Schlosser told the court, the Daily News reports.

This isn't the first time that Bishop has been in court regarding his alter ego's side hustle. In 2013, the Daily News notes, he was charged with assault and flagged for "aggressive panhandling."


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