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Ever since Tiger Woods’ now ex-wife Elin Nordegren beat his ass with a 9-iron back in 2009, nothing has gone right for the once unstoppable golf star. After the breakup, Woods was exposed as a serial cheater, and the fallout led to several dropped endorsements and millions in lost revenue. In 2013 Woods had a brief stint as the dominant golfer he once was, snagging the No. 1 spot for most of that year, but subsequent back surgery forced Woods into a shell of his former self.

Now the famous Cablinasian has hit a new low: He was arrested for a DUI Monday morning. According to WPTV, Woods was arrested around 3 a.m. for driving under the influence in Jupiter, Fla. Woods apparently lives in Jupiter, which is odd, or fitting, since most of Florida is a giant suck hole full of weirdness (sorry, Florida, but it’s true!).


“Palm Beach County Jail records indicate Woods was released from custody at 10:50 a.m,” WPTV reports. And while I don’t want to pass judgment on the former golf great, he totally looks wasted in his mug shot.

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