HP: CNN Assesses Obama's "Swagga"; Attempt Is in No Way Awkward (…)

NPR:South Africa's New Black Opposition Party Can't Cope

NS: Huge Gene Study Sheds Light on African History (So Thaaaat's Why We're So Fast!)


USNWR: Civil Right Leaders Dissatisfied with Obama on Race Relations; CBC: "Take a Number, Pal!"

NWS: Do 'Babyfaceness' and Warmth Benefit Black CEOs? How about Head-Scratching and Jigs?

IG: Black or White, the Play's the Thing (Unless It's a Black Play. Then…Just Black is Optimal)

AA: Study Says Early Initiation of Antiviral Therapy Improves HIV Survival Rate

TC: People Should Still Write Letters (and Not Just to Their Mans and Them Up North)


CNN: Did You Hear? Obama Just Passed the 100-Day Mark. Yup. Made a Speech Too.

AJE: This Lil' Piggy Didn't Stay Home: Swine Flu Nears Pandemic Level

CB: Study Shows Black Teens Feel Victimized by Discrimination; Adults: "Welcome"

UN: Painter Ernie Barnes Dies

DB: Diamonds Are Forever, War is Not: Sierra Leone Makes a Comeback

BBC: Usain Bolt Injured in Car Accident

AP: Obama: 'Waterboarding = Torture'; Recommends Watching C-SPAN as Alternative, Reconsiders


CPR: Know Your History: The Chicago Defender Moves Back to South Side

SCT: Shave and a Check-Up, Two Bits (Which Equals About 20 Bucks After Inflation and Tip)


TS: The Real Rough Riders: Five Things to Know about Black Cowboys

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