CNN: Two Twisters Touch Down in Mississippi

CSM: Taliban Suicide Bomber Kills 11 in Pakistan

IHT: France Urges N. Korea to Avoid Missile Test Because, You Know, Kim Jong Il Is a Lunatic


SJMN: Oakland Leaders Gather in Response to Violent Weekend; Buzz Makes No 'Snitch' Reference

WP: Hospitals Slow to Go to Electronic Records; More Concerned with Lifesaving, Not Getting Sued


CNN: Braille Silver Dollar Available; AIG Wishes It Had More Blind Execs

BET: Trick Daddy Diagnosed with Lupus

ESPN: Cop Delays NFL Player as His Relative Dies; Cop Gets F Minus for Life

THR: Isaiah Washington to Play Lou Rawls (Provided He Doesn't Say Something to Get Himself Fired)

J&J: Black Science Bloggers Do Exist!

HC: John Hope Franklin Dies at 94

WSJ: F-22 Crashes During Test in California

SJMN: Land Conservation Bill Sent to Prez; Without Much on Plate, Says He'll Look Into It


NYT: Obamas Step in the Name of Love About DC; Allegations of Having Done 'Love Slide' Abound

Reuters: Taliban Gets Help from Pakistan; Obama Says 'Don't Make Me Wash My Hands'


USAT: Goodell: Vick Must Show 'Remorse' to Play Again; Apparently, Pentitentiary Insufficient

FOX: Obama Seeks to Expand Power Over Wall St.; Yeah, We're Still Talking About This


BET: Michael Says: If You Don't Want Blood on the Dancefloor, You'll Stop This Auction

Politico: Geithner 'Open' to China Proposal (As If He Was Gonna Be Something Else, Right?)


TS: Another Obama Nominee Withdraws; Prez Putting Job Listing on Craigslist

EW: Motown Night on 'Idol'; Smokey Looked Happy, Probably Wasn't

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