CNN: Roland Martin Vouches for DC School Vouchers; Democrats Not Super Into Them

KATC: Black Lawmakers Support Overriding Jindal; Do Not Fear His Response

Complex: 5 Black Comedians Who Deserve News Shows; Condolensces to D.L., David Alan


AP: Black Mississippi Troopers in Hostile Environment, NAACP Says; Response? Dude, It's Mississippi

Minnesota Spokesman: 'Hip Hop Repub' Advocates "Festive 40-Day Fast for the Future; Enjoys Alliteration 


WP: Michael Steele Opens Mouth Again; Doctors Say There Is No Cure

CNN: Madoff Pleads Guilty, to Await Sentencing from Jail; Buzz Says "Get Used To It"

WSJ: Obama Wants to Adopt Electronic Medical Record System; Two Docs Think That's Silly

Raw Story: Cheney Ran Executive Assassination Ring; You're Not Surprised in Least


Newsday: Latino Group: Race Not Factor in Black Dude Beat-Down; Whooped for Being Himself

The Seattle Times: 4 Black Head Coaches in Pac-10; Investigation Probably Underway


AFPTeens with Low Vitamin D Have Higher Risk of Heart Disease; Should Consider Going Outside Sometimes

CBS: First Lady Gets High Marks in First 50 Days; Buzz Shrugs, Immediately Cudgeled


CNN: Campbell Brown Puts Shoe in Nickelodeon Regarding Chris Brown Award Show Invite

The Huffington Post: Bernie Madoff Arrives in Court to Plead Guilty; Nothing's Happened Yet


The Hollywood Reporter: Billionaire List Goes Bust; We Know You're Totally Busted Up By That

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