This Might Be the Scariest Trump Video Yet

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On Monday, President Donald Trump walked down the stairs of Air Force One. That part was easy. At the end of the stairs was a presidential limo so big, it’s nicknamed “the Beast.” It’s a massive limo, and it was parked at the bottom of the stairs. So ideally the president would walk off the plane and into the limo, which would then drive off—or at least that’s how the real president until further notice, Barack Obama, would’ve done it.

In fact, the footage of the president coming off of Air Force One is usually just fodder, b-roll; a moment of the president doing presidential stuff. Except this president has lost his mind. He literally made into an event what a 2-year-old could have done with ease.


That’s because the president walked off of Air Force One and, instead of getting into his presidential limo, just started wandering around like a lost asshole. Literally, this asshole walked past the limo and was just walking. ... Where was he going? Who the fuck knows.

In fact, this video is emblematic of his presidential career, and now I’m beginning to believe that all the cries about the president’s mental health not being stable may be true. It isn’t as if he didn’t know which car to go to, or didn’t know whether he was supposed to catch a connecting flight. This is the president who walked off the presidential plane and didn’t know he was supposed to get into the presidential limo.

This is scary stuff:

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