Cut to today, and Harley is comin’ out with guns-blazin.’ All kinds of shots fired. Slave analogy shots, to be specific.


“It’s almost like the house slave heard the chants from the field,” Harley continued. “And he took that song back with him, and sung it back to the house. And instead of trying to liberate the people in the field, he got a bigger room in the house.”

Harley also criticized Gambino for not showing up to the Grammys ceremony and missing an opportunity to use the platform to elevate the song/music video’s messaging. On Sunday night, producer Ludwid Göransson took the lead in providing the official acceptance speech.

“This Is America” Wins Record of the Year, 2019 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech / Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

To be honest, I figured the reasoning for his absence was the same reason why Atlanta’s third season is delayed: he’s busy as fuck. But, what do I know?


“He should’ve been there, he should’ve been there for the people and instead I think it shows his true intentions,” Harley noted. “I just want to say congratulations to him as a young black man that’s trying to be successful in America. I’m happy that he’s made it. I’m happy for him. But, this is terrible for the culture. This is not good for hip-hop.”


Overall, Harley says he isn’t campaigning for credit on the song, he just wants public acknowledgement from Gambino and the rest of the production team that they heard his song.

The Root has reached out to Childish Gambino’s team for comment.