This Is Dedicated to All the Unfiltered Aunties I Have Known and Loved

Aunties are a thing in the black community.

Whether they are the actual sibling of one of your parents, a close friend of your mama’s, a coworker, a teacher, someone at the church or just a member of your community, we all know at least one black lady we think of as “Auntie.”


She gives you advice. She calls you out and puts you in check when you need to be. She tells you her wild and outlandish stories. She gives you hugs. She shares her experiences with you. She makes the best peach cobbler and the best macaroni and cheese. She brings value.

At The Root, that black lady is me. I am your auntie. And this is Auntie Unfiltered.


Each week, I am going to be coming to you directly from somewhere in my house (because we are all social distancing) and sharing the knowledge, wisdom and experience of my journey with you.

We can talk about absolutely anything—from relationship advice to who makes the best drugstore lipstick. We can talk politics, the coronavirus, the upcoming presidential election, and everything in between.

You can play your part by sending me your topic ideas and advice requests to I will go through your emails, and every Friday we will come together to discuss the topic at hand.

Be ready, because the show is called Auntie Unfiltered for a reason. This ain’t for the faint of heart. But if you are ready for some good advice, good information, good conversation and good laughs, this is the place to be.


See you next week, nieces and nephews.

P.S. I want to dedicate this to all the unfiltered aunties I have known and loved: my mama, my Auntie Harriet (RIP), Ms. Jacqueline Reid, Sandra Gail Walker-Truitt, Debra White, and my grandmother. You have all shown me the way, and I do this in your honor. Thank you.

News Editor for The Root. I said what I said. Period.


Waffle Saadiq