This Donald Trump Story Reveals the True Power of Whiteness

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks while meeting with FEMA Administrator Brock Long and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in the Oval Office September 11, 2018 in Washington, DC
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks while meeting with FEMA Administrator Brock Long and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in the Oval Office September 11, 2018 in Washington, DC
Photo: Win McNamara (Getty Images)

Buried among the mountain of tales in Bob Woodward’s excavation of Donald Trump’s Hogwarts Acadamy for Grand Wizards, is a story that reveals the ineptitude of Donald Trump and the brazen supremacy of whiteness.


According to Business Insider, Woodward’s new book, Fear, contains an anecdote about Donald Trump that boggles the mind. It details a conversation between former National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn and Donald Trump, in which the two discussed rising interest rates, the deficit and the national debt, to which Trump offered an interesting solution.

“We should just go borrow a lot of money, hold it, and then sell it to make money,” Trump reportedly said.

According to Woodward, this left Cohn “astounded at Trump’s lack of basic understanding” about how the government works and what borrowing would mean. Although businesses sometimes sell off their debt during times of low interest rates, Cohn tried to explain to Trump that borrowing more money would increase the deficit and the federal debt and is akin to Trump believing he could prevent himself from drowning by storing all of the water in his lungs.

When Cohn tried to teach this 8th-grade economic theory to Trump, the president came up with an alternative solution.

“Just run the presses,” Trump suggested. “Print money.”

In response, Cohn again tried to lay out the basics of how debt, inflation, the stock market and the debt ceiling worked, to no avail. Trump continued to repeat his suggestions to print more money or borrow some money during the meeting until Cohn just gave up.


“It was clear that Trump did not understand the way the US government debt cycle balance sheet worked,” Woodward wrote.

But this is not news, Trump offered the same sage advice when he was running for the office. He often voiced his belief that the country could borrow its way out of debt and just print money whenever it needed.


“People said I want to go and buy debt and default on debt, and I mean, these people are crazy. This is the United States government,” Trump told CNN’s Chris Cuomo in May 2016. “First of all, you never have to default because you print the money, I hate to tell you, OK?”

And you might be asking yourself: “This might prove Trump is an idiot, but what does that have to do with racism?”



According to most pundits and political pundits, there are two prevailing notions on why Trump was elected:

  1. He was an astute businessman whose financial genius could solve America’s economic woes and... yada yada yada... Working class whites... blah blah blah, drain the swamp, or:
  2. Racism.

Well, according to my graduate degree in International Economics and the large volume of emails accusing me of being “the real racist,” I believe I am qualified to speak on both subjects.


The laws of supply and demand are the basic principles of capitalism and are usually taught in middle school. Anyone who doesn’t know that you can’t borrow money to get out of debt is not only unworthy of being called a business genius, but I wouldn’t trust them to balance my checkbook, much less a country’s economy.

Trump was always an idiot. There is not a single business leader, economic expert or academic in the country who considers Trump to be an authority on anything other than carnival barking and a vagina grabbing. So, after every sane economist who doesn’t work in crayon dismissed this notion, what are we left with?



Consider that Cohn, who once was employed as the CEO of Goldman Sachs, reportedly engaged in this kindergarten conversation with Trump and showed up for work the next day without a resignation letter in hand. This is the same Cohen who was forced to steal a letter to North Korea from Trump’s desk so our idiot president wouldn’t start World War III.


And he is joined by people like

  • White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who allegedly called Trump an “idiot;”
  • Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who reportedly referred to Trump as a “moron;”
  • General James Mattis, who said Trump “acted like—and had the understanding of—a fifth- or sixth-grader;” and
  • an anonymous op-ed writer who wants us to believe he or she is part of the “resistance” when they are actually the crux of the problem.

These people are not patriots. They are not motivated by their love of country or their American values. They are self-serving, disloyal traitors who only value one thing:


I’m open for suggestions and alternative theories but what else could be the case? Trump has no leadership ability, business acumen, expertise, character, truth, morals or policy for them to agree with.


Still, they continue to serve a man whose economic policy, foreign policy, race relations, immigration policy, attitude towards the media and inability to understand middle school economic theory is leading the country to ruin.

Fifty-eight percent of white voters still voted for a man who demonstrated his ineptitude, bigotry, sexism and inability to tell the truth long before election day. Many of them still support him.


And if you don’t think any of this has anything to do with race, consider this:

Name one black Ivy League business school graduate who doesn’t know the basics of how money and debt work. Name a single black person who is still considered a business genius after they declared bankruptcy six times. Name one African American billionaire who was born rich but is still considered to be self-made. Can you even point any non-white American who is as rich as Trump and as dumb as him?


OK, I’ll make it easier. Name a black Ivy League graduate who is as ignorant as Trump about the field in which they work. Too hard? How about naming a single black elected official who has been accused of more corruption without facing any consequence.

And none of this was never a secret. The bankruptcies are not a new revelation. We already knew he was a sexist. He never hid his racism. Even the people who didn’t think he was this feeble-minded already knew he was as dumb as a wet paper bag filled with garden pebbles.


And he was still elected president.

Only a white man could do that.


Prostate of Dorian Gray

“Just run the presses,” Trump suggested. “Print money.”

Get your wheelbarrows ready for our new Weimar Republic.