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Theater of the Absurd: SLED Investigating Alvin Greene Under New Law

In this installment of Theater of the Absurd, Alvin Greene may be in a heap of trouble. While professing his innocence, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) and the 5th Circuit Solicitor's office are investigating the finances of Democratic U.S. nominee Alvin Greene, to see if he broke any laws in obtaining money for a filing fee. SLED will use a new state law that allows the agency to issue an administrative subpoena to financial institutions. You may recall that Greene, 32, won 59 percent of the vote in an upset against Vic Rawl, a former circuit judge widely expected to demolish the unknown Greene. Greene was unemployed, had no job and no organized campaign and had been discharged "involuntarily" from the U.S. Army. Did we mention that he lives at his Dad's house? Officials became suspicious of Greene because in November 2009, Greene was charged with felony pornography charges. He told the magistrate he was "too poor" to hire a lawyer so a public defender was appointed for him. In March 2010, Greene paid $10,400 to the S.C. Democratic Party to qualify to run for U.S. Senate. We think it's insane that officials didn't bother to check this guy out before the election. Jobless, involuntary discharge, pornography charges and seemingly dishonest. Not a good fit for any job, especially a politician. Oh, wait a second. Maybe he is a good fit for SC politics?



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