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Although Miguel was wrong (more on this soon), it’s not hard to see why a person might believe what he said. We collectively possess many positive attributes. We’re (generally) great at picking up the words of songs we’ve never heard before while in church, we’re (generally) forgiving (well, forgiving of men and boys, at least), and we’re (generally) adept at f*cking Kardashians.


But, we also tend to have rigid definitions of things like masculinity, sexuality, and religion, and this does have an effect on how we perceive, assess, and ultimately judge people. This doesn’t encompass all (or even most) Blacks. But, the few this does apply to tend to be very passionate, demonstrative and, unfortunately, influential. They’re Black America’s Tea Party.

That being said, there are dozens of other types of people far more judgmental than the typical Black person and even the Tea Party Black people. 


Diehard Sports Fans

Maybe sports attracts people with judgmental personalities. Maybe sports culture cultivates that way of thinking. And, maybe Justin Bieber got tired of being mistaken for a White lesbian from D.C. and decided to dress like a Black one from Baltimore instead. Either way, no one is more provincial, territorial, irrational, and ultimately judgmental than a diehard sports fan (And yes, I’m including myself).

Very Liberal People Living in Very Urban Areas

Ironically, the demographic who prides itself on being the least judgmental only extends that lack of judgment to people who share the exact same world view as they do.


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