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I’m not sure what universe I’m living in anymore, but I thought that the White House and Donald Trump’s whole thing is that they act as white nationalists parading as the GOP, which is kind of like a version of “white nationalists light.”


In fact, the GOP has for a long time been the vegan version of white men first so it’s been a bit refreshing to have full-on white nationalists in office, if for nothing else then to watch Republicans squirm at the ideology coming from the White House.

If for nothing else it’s forcing Republicans who have been closeted white nationalists to come out and fully align with Trump or to publicly denounce the racist doctrine coming from the White House.


So I was completely confused to learn that the White House fired a speech writer, Darren Beattie, after learning that he had appeared at a conference with white nationalists when ... isn’t this who they are? Didn’t Trump run on a white nationalist platform? Didn’t he surround himself with prominent figures in the white nationalist movement? Isn’t Steve Bannon the official dog whistler of white nationalism and a former Trump staffer? Isn’t White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller a white nationalist?

I’m confused. After reporters questioned the White House about Beattie participating on a panel with British white nationalist Peter Brimelow at the 2016 Mencken Club conference, he got the boot according to CNN. For those unaware of Brimelow’s leanings, he “warns against the polluting of America by non-whites, Catholics, and Spanish-speaking immigrants” and that’s taken directly from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website. In short, he’s racist trash.

Beattie, however argues that he’s no racist! He wants everyone to know that he “merely presented his academic points at the conference” and then he was fired, according to HuffPost.


Maybe that’s it. Maybe Beattie was fired for not being racist enough. Maybe the White House let him go because he didn’t own his white nationalist leanings. Maybe because he refused to stand proudly with his White House brethren in his white nationalist yearnings.

This has to be it, right?

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