The Ultimate Oxymoron? ‘Family-Friendly’ Freaknik Is Planned for Atlanta This Summer

Uncle Luke, seen here in 2018, is set to be among the performers at the reinvented, “family-friendly” Freaknik.
Uncle Luke, seen here in 2018, is set to be among the performers at the reinvented, “family-friendly” Freaknik.
Photo: Associated Press

Sometimes a name change is in order.

Remember Freaknik?

If you’re old enough, you may recall the hedonistic Atlanta bacchanal that was the place to be during spring break if you were young, black and free in the ‘80s and ‘90s.


What started out as a modest event among a group of Atlanta HBCU students, grew into a raucous, weekend-long event attended by tens of thousands, filled with concerts, cruising, drinking, showing out, and seeing and being seen.

In a word, it was the very definition of lit.

And it definitely was not a place for the parents or the kiddies.

Things came to get so out-of-hand during Freaknik, that in 2010, then-Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed banned all things Freaknik.

Now, Freaknik is set to make a comeback in the ATL. A family-friendly comeback.

Say what, now?

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, instead of being a weekend-long street party, the new “family-friendly” Freaknik 2.0 will be a concert, this year headlined by acts such as Uncle Luke, Da Brat and Pastor Troy on June 22.


Rather than a raucous party, organizers of the new Freaknik say they want the event to be a concert promoting unity.


“We want everyone to know it’s not the old Atlanta Freaknik,” Tara Thomas, a publicist for the concert told the AJC. “When people think Freaknik, they think party and chaos. That’s not what we want to do. We want it to be a party, but an all-inclusive one.”


But then is it really Freaknik? Truly?

Black Twitter definitely had its take:


But what’s in a name, right?



1. Freaknik in “family-friendly” format is NOT Freaknik. What y’all trying to do? Fam-Nik: Made your kids at Freaknik, bring your brats to Fam-Nik! Da fuck?
2. Whenever black folks from the Atl try to look down at other black folks about where they live and how they’re the “Mecca Of Black America” jibba jabba, I think “yeah, but white folks shut your Freaknik down, so how Mecca can ya be, ya Creflos!”
3. Uncle Luke and Auntie Da Brat? Family-Friendly Freaknik is probably going to go over about as well as Family-Friendly Las Vegas did in the early-mid 90s.